Wicked Earth


Oh, the wicked Earth has paid its toll.  It’s strained and pulled and jerked my mind, and caused me to revolt and ignore the ways of this wicked world.  I hate it!  It hates me.  We don’t agree.  So be it!  So be it.


Oh, if only there were some way I could escape and stay that way, I might be, could be, would be happy… happy and free.  Free!  Free is the only way to live, die, and live again and again… forever.


Oh, if I could… if I could only get away… get away and be by myself, be myself, and only myself… maybe I’d learn… learn about myself - who I am and what for.  What is this wicked world for? And why?  Then, and only then, perhaps, could I find peace of mind and understanding enough to bare to live in this wicked world… and on… this Wicked Earth.


1978 or 1979


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