Twilight in the Desert


Thereís a twilight in the desert

between bitter cold and blistering heat

where Ďtis bright enough to travel

yet not so bright as to defeat

those who journey through this place

of scrub and rock and sand

to a place of promise -

to aÖ Promised Land.


The sun creates the warmth

whereby all life is made.

It also heats the sand

on which mirages are laid

that lead the weary traveler,

whoís a stranger in this place,

in search of Living Water

to sustain his living race.


Yet, is that really water

he sees dancing on the sand,

or is it a mirage

that leads him through this land?

Matter, does it, now

that we are in this hot, dry place,

or matter only that

we finish this, our race?


What if God, the Creator -

the Author of this rhyme -

had not thought to send for us

this pillar of fire in this time?

Would we not have just laid down

and wallowed in defeat

rather than searching ever on

for water in mirages of heat?


Thereís a twilight in the desert now

between blinding light and darkest night

whereby we can really see -

whereby we might have sight.

Let us no longer fear the night,

nor shiver in its cold.

Let us no longer hate the day

because its sunís too bold.


Let us see between the two -

between the two extremes -

where we cease to compromise

and, instead, begin to see -

to see more clearly than before

in the forgiveness of this twilight

that forms before the heat of day

and after the dark of night.


Whereby there is light enough

to see to work and play,

yet not enough to, by mirages,

be led far astray.

God has for us a master plan -

a purpose for us all -

but we shall never see it

untilÖ we all fall.


We all must fall -

fall down upon our knees

in this twilight of reality

in between the two extremes

whereby we are blinded

by the light of day

and the scorching sun soars high

and mirages lead us astray,


or by the blackness of the night

where we but stumble and fall,

only to get back up on our feet

only to stumble and fall.

There is a reality out there

of what really is,

but no man holds on to it,

for itís not his to hold.


It is Godís

and itís Godís alone,

and if we will but trust in Him,

He will lead us home.

Heíll guide us in this twilight

through this foreign place

to our Promised Land

by His amazing grace.


March 1, 2007


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