Twenty-six Cents


Two bits… and a penny

are in my pocket today.

One-quarter penny per season

is my rate of pay.

If I work long and hard enough

I’ll save a dollar in time,

and when I finally get to spend it,

it won’t be worth a dime.

“Save and have or spend and have not?”

seems the question to be.

Spend and live or save and die;

sounds like a gamble to me.

I’d rather die without a penny to my name

and with memories of a life well spent,

than to scrape and scratch and slave and save

and die with one hundred million cents.


November 5, 1987

The 26th anniversary of my birth


The Point (The Sequel)


I’d rather go out in a blaze of glory -

remembered as “Aaron - the Hawk”

than to live long enough to shrivel away

to the point where I can’t even walk.

This life is too stodgy

for those who desire

the answers to the questions

that consciousness can inspire.

So what of work

and rest and recreation,

when all the while man misses

the whole point of man’s creation.


April 27, 1988


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