“How shall I proceed?”

‘tis the question to ask,

for there ahead is a fork

in the midst of my path.


Many a time in the past

I didst choose a way,

but I now am baffled

by ahead what lays.


I’ve come so far

and am no nearer the goal,

which is the end of the quest -

the search for my soul.


It seems no matter

which trail I take,

in the end, the end

‘tis always a mistake.


Whether ‘tis the high road

or low road that I choose,

inevitably ‘tis I -

‘tis I who lose.


My path - this trail -

is like the tracks,

once undertaken,

there’s no turning back.


Time is too short

to run in reverse,

so onward we go

in search of the purse.


And so it is…

these trails are traps,

to think once you’ve chosen

there’s no turning back.


So… left or right,

what shall it be?

I’ll inquire again,

How shall I proceed?”


September 16, 1989


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