Till Change


I’ve lost it all.

I don’t care any more.

No poetry is written.

Life… has become a bore.

No essays do I write.

No books do I read.

No chores do I do.

No breath do I breathe.

A change I do seek.

A change I do need.

A change is inevitable.

“Change! Change! Change!”

I do plead!!!


Take me swiftly.

Take me, please!

Take me quickly,

else my mind should bleed.

My mind will bleed.

It will bleed fast and hard.

My mind will bleed,

‘till I am dizzy and tired.

I’ll lay down my head,

then drift off – asleep.

I’ll never awaken –

Just dream…

Just dream till change.


January 25 – April 4, 1988


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