I may be,

but I might not.

I could be,

but I canít.

I would be,

but I wonít.


1978 Ė 1979



In Later Years


In later years I could be,

but now I am not.

I later years I may be,

but now I am not.

In later years I donít know what Iíll be,

but now I am not.


1978 Ė 1979






They pick on me.

They hate me.

They donít understand me and I donít understand them.

They donít trust me.

They mistrust me.

They abuse me, use me, and leave meÖ alone.

They donít care for me, but who cares?

They donít try to help me understand.

Hey, they donít need to.Iíll live.


1978 Ė 1979


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