This Night


Noises at nighttime.

Lights in the sky.

Brightness all around.

Full moon on high.


Life in abundance,

but not seen how.

No bark of the dog.

No cat’s meow.


Growling - roaring -

farrrr far away.

Click-e-ty - clack

till it be day.


Across and above

moves a slow, blinking light.

Hypnotized I stare

till she fades from my sight.


Hark!  There’s a hound

in the far distant way.

Something didst move,

and the hound didst bay.


There’s a grumble and a whine.

Continuously it pours…

from the wheels and the motors

and the road it roars.


Another noise,

it seems I hear.

Steady and rhythmic…

but unknown by my ear.


All around are the tracks

of a proud, noble race,

but I alone witness

this night’s great grace.


I feel the noises

in the night.

I see the cold

and hear moonlight.


“Peaceful Beyond Belief”

is the name of this night.

I shall remember it always…

always… this night.


January 29, 1988

Around midnight


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