The Game


Man will kill for it.He will steal for it.He will lie, cheat, and beg for it.Man has built monuments unto it, has raised palaces for it, and has waged wars because of it.Man has sculpted rock and painted canvas for its sake.He has written obscure poems, tragic plays, and voluminous novels about it.Man will endure all manner of hardships to pursue it.He will engage himself in endless varieties of contests to prove his worthiness of it.He will climb treacherous mountains, sail fathomless seas, and cross lifeless deserts in search of it.

Man will empty his pockets, relinquish his power, and shun his fame to obtain it.Man will go to any extreme required - he will give up his life or even his soul - to receive this thing which has no boundaries, no method of being measured, no universally recognized features, and no accepted definition.Why does man go through so much for such an ambiguous reward?Man, Iím sure, will never understand this game.He will simply continue to play and continue to lose and thus will never figure out the rules or a way to win.Why must man torture himself so simply for the love of a woman?


January 28, 1990


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