The Ardent Man


The ardent man,

with purposeful hand,

seeks to upright the downed.

The downed, meanwhile,

simply say with a smile,

“We like where we are right now.”


“But… can’t you see,”

the man disagrees,

“that down is not where it’s at?”

“No,” they say,

“We’re just here for the day.

Besides, who cares about that?”


“Wait,” says the man,

“You must hear my plan,

for there’s more to life than this day!”

With that they turn,

and with cold disconcern,

they smugly walk away.


The man pursues

and tries to subdue

the downed with glimpses of truth.

But… annoyed they grow,

and away they go,

lost in their down-sided youth.


The man - depressed.

His vision - suppressed.

The downed are happy and free.

They’re so far down

and so many around,

till the top, they can’t even see.


But… as it is known

‘bout the shape of a cone,

the top must rest on the base;

for try as one might,

it can’t stay upright,

if up side down it is placed.


The ardent man,

vision still at hand,

realizes not a thing can be done

to upright the downed

who form the basis around

which this cone rises up to point one.


And so it must seem

that it’s all just a dream

to think that the downed can be shown

the way to the top

until we stop

and change the geometry of the cone.


August 13, 1987


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