Run or Walk


Now, my friends, what is this talk?

What is this all about?

What’s that you say?

You want to know when to run -

when not to walk?


Well… now let’s see.

When should we hasten our pace?

When we’re late?

When we are anxious?

When danger stares us straight in the face?


Are there other things amongst us friends

which could serve to quicken our gate -

to escape from duty,

to elude disgrace,

or perhaps to rendezvous with fate?


“Rendezvous with fate”…

now there’s an odd thought.

Is not such a task

as difficult as one

where the end of a circle is sought?


For as surely as one

begins to search for his fate,

then his fate begins to become a search.

All this seems as frivolous as

escaping hell by dying in church!


You see, it matters not which station you board the train,

for the track goes but two directions.

So no matter how short or far the distance

or how fast or slow you travel,

once you pass the boarding gate, there are no course corrections.


So you want to know whether to run or walk -

whether to go full speed ahead or creep along?

You’ve asked nothing of going in reverse.

To hell with your speed!  Let me ask you this,

“Is your direction right or wrong?”


June 23, 1989


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