Rotten Fruit


What is the rhyme or reason

behind the fruit in season?

‘Tis not to feed or please us –

merely to make seed. Lord Jesus,

does not such a thought seem vain

to think, ripe or rotten, all fruit’s the same?

Whether good or not,

or filled with mold and rot,

the seed inside can grow alive

and one day make a tree to thrive

and produce as yet more fruit,

to be hoarded away like robber’s loot

into baskets under harvest moons

for children’s lunches or winos’ saloons.

Or, perhaps, to sit around and waste away

simply to be discarded on some future day

when it has been determined

that, rotten and full of vermin,

the fruit is no longer any good

(leastways not for use as food).

But simply toss the rotten out,

and some day, just there, new fruit will sprout

from a vine or bush or tree.

Fruit, I guess, should not be judged for what it is…

But, instead, for what it one day could be.


July 27, 1991


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