Rainbow in the Dark


Some people say that God broke His promise,

for they can no longer see.

They look to the sky and wonder why

there’s no rainbow shining bright as can be.


The storm has now raged for some two thousand years,

and some say it’s about to subside.

They point to this fact and call it a sign

and swear that it has turned the tide.


“The storm has now ended!” they say with a cheer

and walk out into the calm.

They look to the East, to the West, and the South,

and they wonder, “Has it really gone?”


Ever so slowly they turn and look north,

then puzzled they search all around.

“Where’s the rainbow God promised us?”

they query… then drop their heads down.


Never once do they open their minds to try

to comprehend what their eyes don’t see.

Never once do they look in the mirror

and ask, “Can the problem possibly be me?”


They simply assume that each time the rain stops

that God’s promise will pop out right away.

They’re spoiled and lazy - accustomed to affluence -

most having not worked a day.


God’s promise is this: that He will be there,

but we all have to do our part.

We’re to learn who He is, and what He wants,

and that rainbows don’t appear in the dark.


We all should know it takes the power of the sun

to illuminate tiny droplets of rain

that remain suspended in sky after the storm

and create the image of a bow in our brain.


But many care not for the scientist’s notations

and the many things that he seeks to know.

To them it’s all magic and mystery to marvel,

for they say God told them so.


No, they care not for where the scientist heads -

only for where he has been,

for they’re only too eager to scarf up

the things created as a result of his sin.


So, with this all said and a new day dawning,

let’s all look to the sky above.

Not searching for storm clouds or for rainbows

but, instead, for His wisdom and love.


We should not consume ourselves with promises and signs

or with what He said He would do.

That’s for Him to handle in His own time.

We… are to be obedient and true.


True to His Word - His revealed Way -

true to what we know in our heart,

for that’s how He works - that is His Way,

‘cause rainbows can’t appear in the dark.


August 1, 2004


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