For days now itís been cloudy - overcast and dark.

The windís been blowing a storm around and around and about.

The ground is parched and dusty from months and months of drought.

The trees all stand naked now,

for itís been too hot and dry for them to wear their leaves.

Their leaves stand in plies against the fences

instead of evenly upon the ground -

like they do in normal years

when frost and rain gently bring them down.


For days now itís been cloudy - overcast and dark.

The promise of refreshing rain teasing all below

from the face of angry clouds and gusty winds that blow.

For days now itís been cloudy.Why does it not just rain?

The world awakens another day to the same old chorus and refrain.

Dark clouds and gusty winds tease the parched, dry earth.

They say to her, ďHere comes the rain!Ē then laugh at her in mirth.

Gloomy, dark, and gusty comfort the victims of draught,

unless theyíre into torture, which is what withholding rain is all about.


Gloomy, dark, and gusty now torture this old Earth,

for sheís about to shrivel up while they engage in mirth.

ďMirth is madness,Ē I now say,

as the Earth dries to dust and blows away.

There is a time for everything -

a season, if you will.

Thereís a time for mirth and merrymaking,

and a time to be quiet and still.

The time for stillness and for quiet


has now all but past.The wind now rightly blows,

the clouds are justly overhead, and everyone intuitively knows

that the time for rain has come, but still, it does not fall.

For days itís been cloudy now - overcast and dark.

The drought has not killed us off, and the rains refuse to fall.

Stand, we do, beneath these clouds,

listening to their laughter blow bare limbs about,

waiting on refreshing rain to end this season of drought.

For days now itís been cloudy - overcast and dark.


November 15, 2005


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