My Breath


As I exhale in the choking smoke,

I realize that would be my last breath

until fresh air finds my face.

To do otherwise would mean injury -

would singe membranes and capillaries.

The urge to draw another breath

weighs heavy on my mind.

Frantically, I search for an exit,

but I don’t know the way.

A strange and dying structure is slow

to reveal its secrets to the lost.

I rattle door knobs and

grasp at locked windows - to no avail.

I become desperate - the cause critical.

My world darkens, and I console myself to the

reality of the fatality and the futility of

drawing in a breath that my body longs for,

but that my mind knows would kill

the very body that craves it.

Brightness!  Breeze!  Breath at long last!

Dizzily, I fall down.

I roll over on the cold ground and… breathe.

Looking into the clear, blue sky

with the smoke pouring into it,

I thank my Lord for my breath.

You… are my breath!

I love you, and

I thank God for you.




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