Monkeys with Chainsaws


Monkeys with chainsaws -

little men in the woods -

chopping down trees

to get at their goods.


They eat all the fruit

and disallow rebirth,

for they discard the seed

on infertile earth.


The fruit is gone

and again hunger pangs.

To the next tree they go -

again and again and again.


With families thriving

no children need cry.

All bellies are full.

No monkies need die.


So proud they are -

these “lords of the land” -

knowing no fruit’s outta reach

with chainsaw at hand.


The more they cut trees,

the more families they feed.

The more families they feed,

the more they cut trees.


So wise they are,

they named themselves “Sapiens”.

A baby is born,

so off to the woods again.


They returned one day

ladened with fruit,

which vanishes so quickly

their labors were moot.


They leave again

and return as before

ladened with that

ofwhich they always want more.


And then one morning

they arise to see

a world full of monkeys…

but not one damned tree.


June 24, 1995


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