He is proud.  He… he is noble.  He is strong, and he is… in God’s image.  Man is the most loved and the most hated of all creatures.  He protects, he loves, he creates, and he destroys.  Man is father.  He is husband.  Man is servant, and man is the conqueror.  Man is the provider, and he is the abuser.  He is the artist, and he is the arsonist.  Man is gardener - the nurseryman.  He plants the flower and rapes the Earth.  He saves the willing, overpowers the weak, and obliterates the obstacle.

Man is the poet, the musician, the scientist, and the mathematician.  He is also blasphemous, obnoxious, ignorant, and painfully predictive.  He is the conformist, and he is the renegade.  He is the social elite, and he is the psychopath.  He is the giver of life, the champion of liberty, and the keeper of happiness.  He is also the bearer of death, the master of slavery, and the creator of horror.  Man!  He harbors everything that man fears, controls all that man desires, and, unfortunately, is the only thing this universe has to offer a woman on a cold, stormy night.


March 29, 1989


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