Kingdom of Things


I once travelled weary and weak

and begged of you a moment to speak,

but now I sit amongst my things

as if I were upon a throne - as if I were a king.


My moment has come - it’s passed me by.

I leaped from my nest but did not fly.

I rule my world from where I sit -

my world of things… ‘round which I flit.


Meager, at best, although they are,

they’re all I’ve got from my travels afar,

such lofty notions, I once beheld,

as around the world I vicariously sailed.


Through books and productions of others I lived.

Through their eyes the question of life was sieved.

I merely rode upon the wave of their ship’s bow,

for I had no boat on which through the oceans to plow.


My eye caught the glint of earthly things

and I became jealous of earthly kings.

I yearned for a place to call my own.

I longed for a place… to call my home.


So I let go of ships and travels afar

and lofty notions of where we are

as a race within the whole grand scheme

of this universe… and of her King.


I took a queen and brought her home -

flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone.

She bore me a princess and then a prince,

and I’ve ventured little from my kingdom since.


But princes and princesses become kings and queens

and eventually move on with their own things,

or they, perhaps, travel the unknown

through oceans of notions… of their own.


They invent lighter light

and give the world brighter night,

or, perhaps, collect greater things

and become even greater kings.


But I know for sure this one thing,

as the sun sets upon this old king,

and that is that time will tick on

even and long after I am gone.


So I reach out and take my queen

as the sun sets ablaze my kingdom of things

secure in the knowledge that in the night

I will slumber forever in a Kingdom of Light.


So forgive me, Lord, for my life of sin

and take from me all that is within

this old man who put everything

into the treasury… of his kingdom of things.


June 12, 2010


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