In the Midst of My Journey


My journey is underway now.

Its trek - a long, wide path.

Thereís plenty of room for others to travel,

but there is no turning back.


Iím walking through a mountain meadow -

aiming for its peak.

The trail, for now, is slow and easy,

for the goal is plain to see.


Most suffice with a picnic here -

just gazing at its peak,

but I am among the adventurous few

who set higher goals to seek.


As the meadow ends and the pace quickens,

the insincere complain.

The trail is neither wide nor easy -

nor sight of the peak so plain.


The trail is now steep and rocky.

Each step - a perilous one.

Those, which remain, are true at heart,

but may be weak of bone.


There is no certain, well-trodden way.

Each movement - a new frontier.

It takes advice and support from all

to scale this rock so dear.


The weak begin to falter now,

and some sadly fall from sight.

The strong and the true must continue on,

for our climbing time is but one life.


Itís sad to leave the weak behind,

but not the insincere.

For them Iíll not lose any sleep,

but for the truly weak, Iíll shed a tear.


With only the strong and true at hand,

I must forget the rest.

From this point on, concentrationís the key

to the completion of this most precious quest.


The air is thin, and thereís a bite to the wind.

Each inch - a longer mile.

The way is unclear, and the means unknown,

and no time to rest a while.


The clouds are thick, and the sun is low.

We are almost out of time.

The peak is in reach but still out of sight.

God, if I only knew which way to climb!


So here I amÖ in the midst of my journey,

with its goal so near to my heart.

The peak, from the meadow, seemed so near,

but from hereÖ they seem worlds apart.


With all my reserves of strength and ambition,

I reach for the next hold in sight,

and pray to the peak to keep me from fallingÖ

and to keep back the inevitable night.


June 29, 1987


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