House of the Carpenter’s Son


He labored long and hard

and he was tired as he returned

to that which he called home.

His children were there - but not their mother -

for she had long since gone.


An alternate life, she had chosen,

following her every desire,

leaving him alone and unhelped and with but little choice.

He relied instead upon his family and friends,

but mostly upon that still, small voice.


Upon his knees and through His Word

this man found solace and strength.

He was built up and given peace -

was cleansed and was made whole,

for Satan is a ravenous lion roaming the world without cease.


This man resisted the devil, my friends,

in his word and in his deed,

and from him the devil did promptly run.

And that is how this man became

the house of a Carpenter’s Son.


Blessings came and years went by

and struggles through he went

and over time and through trial

this man grew and blessed the God

that lived within his smile.


His joyful attitude and servant’s heart

and the way he gave of himself

pleased the God of truth and life

so He gave it to him more abundantly

in the form of a godly wife.


Together they were joined with His Spirit

at the alter of a little church

into a braided cord of three -

husband, wife, and their God -

bending and stretching but not breaking for all eternity.





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