Frantic Fantasies


            Oh!  What have you done to me?  I used to be a miserable, depressed, angry young man.  You’ve ruined all that.  More times than not, now, I find myself, not thinking of myself and my problems, but, instead, I find myself lost in frantic fantasies where you and I are the only two people in the world who matter.

            We are hopelessly in love and strolling through some romantic little village, teasing the shop owners with our playful manners.  We pass the most adorable little grotto tucked into the bottom of a magnificent old hotel on the corner.  It has outdoor tables with an iron rail around, and we select the table smack on the corner so that we can smile and be smiled at by everyone coming down either of the two streets.

            We have an early lunch in the warm morning sun and stay there relishing the atmosphere of the most perfect place on Earth… for lovers, until the cool shade of mid-afternoon is pulled over us and our table like the soft blanket of love a mother pulls over her child at bedtime.  I smile and pay the keeper of the corner café our regards, pick up the bottle and the glasses, and hold out my hand for the soft touch of yours.  I then lead you off into the sunset… and another frantic fantasy.




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