Yet even though the Light shines,

many more do than don’t remain blind.

Some so fear the brilliant Light

they keep their eyes closed ever so tight.

Others fear not the Light of day,

for they have faith to guide their way.

Then there are those, whose faith is strong,

yet fear the Light, as day is wrong.

These are the ones day herself must fear,

for they seek to smother her radiant sphere.

Their “righteous” task, in days of old,

was nearly complete, for the day was cold.

Again, it seems, that autumn is near,

so enlightened ones, fuel the fire they fear.

The fire, as yet, is not dwindling,

but their constant labors dampen new kindling.

With no new wood upon the fire,

the power of the flame will soon expire.

And without the Light to guide man’s way,

the blind lead the sightless through another black day.


June 24, 1987


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