A Moment in Time


Stirred, I was, by one tonight,

with hair of gold and eyes of light.

Into my mind this one did burn

a hollowness - a want - a yearn.

Her milky flesh and ripened breasts,

her cold hands warmed by my caress,

and essence of her curly locks

are longed by me as time tick-tocks.

I close my eyes and take a breath

and dream of life - not of death -

a life where she and I shall have

a moment in time on Love’s behalf.

A moment in Love, though brief it be,

is better than all eternity,

for moments and memories are lost with life,

which makes them most precious - without price.

They are the blocks of which life is built,

and they vanish forever when life is spilt.

Eternity, on the other hand,

is just a concept we don’t understand.

It’s something that we shall never see.

It’s worthless… It’s useless… Eternity.

So, my Dear, with this all said,

I dream a dream where you are led

by may hand to end this rhyme

in a moment of Love… a moment in time.


January 29, 1991


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