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What more can I say About My Books?  This body of writings is what God has called me to.  They are why He created me.  I make no apologies for them or for anything found within them.  They may not say what you wish them to say.  You may find them heretical, and that's okay.  Jesus was hung on a cross for being... heretical.  I in no way compare myself to Jesus other than He is the goal to which I aspire - He is the Spirit that I pursue.  I am a lowly, fallen, sinful man - a lowly, fallen, sinful man saved by the grace of God through Jesus Christ, and I thank Him for that every day.  I cannot help the perspective of Jesus that this pencil has attained.  I merely followed where God led me.  I was simply being obedient to my calling as Abraham was to his, as Moses was to his, as Martin Luther was to his, and as your local pastor is being to his calling every Sunday morning when he stands before you in the pulpit of your church sanctuary.

Many of you will probably become angry with this pencil and with its holder (me) as you read some of the fruit of its labor.  Please remember that it is a labor of love and that this pencil has stuck its lead deep into the flesh of its holder on numerous occasions.  I, after all, am a church member too.  So when this pencil is critical of the church, it is being critical of me as well.  But, all this is academic.  Truth is truth.  It will rise to the surface of the Sea of Humanity no matter how putrid and polluted we make it.  Jesus has eternity to work within us.  The evilness of man is no match for that.  It cannot win a contest with eternity as its opponent.  The only question is this: will we come to the end of ourselves before we come to the end of our “allotted” Time on Earth?

So... you are angry.  You say, “Hey, pull the log from your own eye before attempting to remove the speck from your brother’s.”  I accuse no one of anything.  This pencil documents nothing with specificity.  It speaks in generalities about humanity as a whole.  If you feel convicted, then it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit of the God of the universe, not of my pencil.  Perhaps you need to deal directly with God about that issue, whatever that might be.  And, if you feel the need to come to Jesus’ rescue - to fight for Jesus’ name - then I think perhaps you should take a taste of humble pie, look again at the man (or woman) in the mirror, and come to grips with exactly what it is we’re talking about here.  This is the God of the universe here, folks.  He needs no defense.  What He needs... is our obedience.

Humanity is about to awaken on the dawn of a new day.  In the bright light of this new day, the “real” Jesus will be revealed unto us.  He will reign in the hearts of man.  His kingdom will finally come.  God has revealed to me a glimpse of this “real” Jesus through the pencil that I hold on to every morning.  With the exception of my wife, I’ve shared very little of this “revelation” with others.  When I was a new and immature Christian, I would try to share what God was revealing to me with others.  I wasn’t ready to share what I had within me - they weren’t ready to receive it.  I botched it every time.  As God, in His time, gave me a pencil and tablets of paper, He has now given to me this computer and this web site.  He is leading me in this - in this new season of my calling.  Of this I am certain.

Enter into these, My Books, with the Spirit of God, for that is how they were written.  If you do not know God, then perhaps you will after reading this journal of my experience in getting to know Him.  That is exactly what these “books” are - a journal of my experience in getting to know the God of the universe through the reading of the Bible.  If you are interested in knowing how I came to “meet” God, click on this link to My Testimony.  Please... enter these “books” reverently, quietly, and sincerely.  Arise early when no one but you and God are awake and enter into them.  Burn the midnight oil when all is quiet and all others have long since retired and meditate on these writings by the flickering flame of that oil.  Quiet your soul and listen for that still, small voice - the voice of God.  Have as many different “versions” of the Bible available to you for you to reference and for God to “speak” to you through as you can possibly afford to have.  Search your own heart for the conviction of truth - the truth that will set you free - that will set you free if you will accept it - if you will follow it - if you will obey its voice, for it (truth) is the voice of God.


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