Welcome to Hawk’s Blood

What is Hawk's Blood?  The blood of life is that which brings to the one in which it dwells refreshment, nourishment, and sustenance.  It is that which flows into, through, and around all of that which is its host.  It connects all the unrelated parts and shares with them the medium by which all parts are made common - made one - made whole.  And so it is with Hawk's Blood.  This is my blood.  This is that which brings those individual and independently insignificant parts of my life together into a functional, comprehendible whole.

Hopefully, the study of Hawk's Blood will reveal to its students a better understanding of the inner workings of humanity much as the study of the circulatory system reveals to its students a better understanding of the inner workings of the body.  For like the body through which blood flows, this body of writings and what it attempts to express is much more complex than its mere outward appearance may suggest.  Do not simply read the words and memorize the voluminous lists of Latinized names the way so many students of physiology do today.  Diligently study, completely understand, and intimately know the whole system, its parts, their relationships to each other, and the interdependence of it all to everything else with which it comes into contact.

Amazingly, the above was written during the agnostic season of my life back in the mid to late 1980's.  A Christian friend of mine has said of me after reading some of my agnostic writings, “You had it back then,” referring to the Holy Spirit.  I doubt this, for I know precisely when I was indwelled. It was around 9:00 in the morning on June 24th, 2003 (See My Testimony).  It was an undeniable and unforgettable experience.  Now, whether or not the Spirit was “in control” of me prior to that date, I just don't know.  I “accepted Jesus” when I was (I don't know) 9 or 10 years old, but I can’t say that I submitted to Him until I was 42, after I had been “broken” by the consequences of my own actions, or inaction as the case may be.  In any event, I just find it absolutely amazing that the above note about what Hawk's Blood was back then is still so relevant to what it has now become.

Hawk’s Blood is composed of three main parts and two minor ones.  The three main parts of Hawk’s Blood are My Books, My Poetry, and My Stories.  These are supported by My Testimony (which explains how all this got started) and My Theology (which ties all this together and which is still under construction).  My Books comprise the largest portion of Hawk’s Blood by far.  They are the inspired writings of this man as he read the Bible for the very first time after being indwelled by the Holy Spirit of the God of the universe, and they take up the bulk of fifty-seven tablets of paper that have now been transcribed into electronic format and uploaded to this website.  They are divided up into groups of ten and denote the section of the Bible that inspired them.

My Poetry is the second largest component of Hawk’s Blood.  More than half of My Poetry was written during the agnostic season of my life.  All of it was inspired.  I cannot explain what happens during these moments of inspiration.  A word or phrase comes to mind, something sparks within me, and “Bam!” a poem comes out.  I don’t set out to write anything.  It just happens.  It is as if I am not the author of these inspired writings but rather the stenographer.

The third major portion of Hawk’s Blood is My Stories.  Most of these come from the inspired writings of My Books and started off as analogies that seemed as if they would never end.  These “analogies” took on a life of their own, so to speak, so I rewrote them as stand-alone short stories.  Some of them are simply little things that I jotted down on pieces of scrap paper or things that I wrote to explain a point to someone.  In any event, however they came into being, there wound up being enough material of this sort to warrant having their own section within Hawk’s Blood.  Now, without further ado, I return you to… Hawk's Blood.