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            My “books” are tablets - legal pads, if you will - in which I journal what God “speaks” to me as I read scripture (The Bible).  I began journaling what God “spoke” to me shortly after I had started reading the Bible in July of 2003 after having gone through a rather dramatic conversion experience (see My Testimony) the month before.  I read the New Testament twice between July 17th and December 31st of that year.  On January 1st, 2004 I began a most amazing journey.  I began early morning readings of the Old Testament, beginning in Genesis.  By July 24th, 2007, I had filled fifty-seven tablets with the inspired writings that came from my pencil as a result of reading the Bible.  Though I have now completed the Bible, I am still In the Midst of My Journey, and what a wonderful journey it is, for I am now in the process of compiling these various “books”, stories, and poems into a single source called Hawk’s Blood.  

            I can't explain what happened.  I read the Bible, I got inspired, I felt led to hold a pencil in my hand, and “Blam!” it just came out.  As with my poetry, I don't really feel like I was the author of the stuff I scribbled into those tablets.  I just felt like I was the first person who got to read it as it came out from the pencil that I held on to.  Many times I was shocked - amazed - stunned at the stuff that this pencil came up with, and it pushed me back to the edge of agnosticism on more than one occasion.

            This is dangerous stuff, folks.  If you don't want to be changed, don't read it.  If you don't want to be freed from your enslavement to sin, turn back.  If you are not willing to concede that neither you nor I can hold the ultimate, eternal, and whole truth within the confines of our finite and fallen minds, then you probably shouldn't venture into these “books”, for you will simply consider them blasphemous and me heretical.  But, that's okay.  You go ahead and stand there, frozen in your theology.  The theological “Ice Age” is almost over.  The “Age of Light” is upon us.  This is DEEP theology (see My Theology).  It's not for “church folk”.  It's for truth seekers.  Be warned.  Be wary.

            There is but one God, one universe, and only one way.  Regardless what you believe, there is only one reality... and no man holds it.  It is God's and God's alone.  We are His children - His creations.  He is the perfect Father, and, as such, He reveals His reality to us as we can accept it, for to do so otherwise would not be loving.  He is loving.  We are less than perfect children - less than perfect creations, not because we were created less than perfectly, but because we have free will, and we have chosen to be less than perfect.  We... are down right rebellious.

            Imagine if some geese decided to disobey the God of the universe and not fly south for the winter.  Suppose, instead of relying on their God-given instincts, they relied upon some form of affluence that they had acquired, like a geothermally heated lake with a plentiful food supply.  Suppose further that this... affluence suddenly disappeared, leaving these disobedient geese stranded amidst a sub-arctic winter.  How do you think these geese would fair?

            There are costs associated with disobedience, and those geese would suffer the consequences of their... disobedience.  Are we any different than the geese?  Yes, we are, but not so much in the ways that most of you are thinking.  We are much more affluent than are geese.  We... can “afford” to be much more disobedient.  We are much more insulated from the consequences of our actions than are a bunch of geese.  Our affluence is much more far-reaching and universal than anything any “animal” or group of “animals” could experience.  In fact, our affluence is our ecological setting.  It is now our natural habitat.  We must learn to thrive within it... or become extinct.

            The problem is that we have grown reliant upon “our” affluence.  We have become enslaved to it, rather than stewards of it.  We have set up permanent residence amidst it rather than continuing our journey through life with it.  Journeys are filled with multiple challenges, stunning vistas, and myriad experiences, both good and bad.  Could this journey continue being properly called a journey if its participants ceased making progress and, instead, became paralyzed by the challenges yet to be faced, consumed with the panoramic views and wondrous sights, resentfully resistant to proceed due to some “bad” experience, or fainted away in the folly and fond remembrances of yesteryear and the fantasy that still lives on in the reliving of the... “good old days”?

            Is that not exactly what we humans have done within the ecological niche that we have carved out for ourselves upon this Earth?  God put us here to journey - to “fill the Earth and subdue it” - but we so enjoy the scenery that we have found that we cease to proceed any further.  We are so fearful of the possible difficulties that might lie ahead of us on the trail of life that we bivouac where we are, rather than chancing having to set up camp in the rain a little further on down the trail.  We cling so tightly to what we now have that we cannot receive that which awaits us around the next bend, over the next hill, or across the raging, wild river.  We take whatever comes like a lowly oyster eking out an existence attached to a pier beneath The Ocean rather than soaring above it like the graceful gull or the majestic albatross.

            It has been said that the glory of God is man, fully alive. Let us live... fully.  Let us be led by God to fill the earth and subdue it - to conquer the challenges that lie in wait for us around the next bend or over the next hilltop or across the raging, wild river - to enjoy the blessings that come with soaring over The Ocean rather than eking by beneath it - to rise above our fears and yet to remain grounded well below the folly of our fantasies - to accept the reality of God and the God of reality.  Folks, welcome to Hawk's Blood.  It's time to awaken from our slumber and be the glory of God!  Amen



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