My Career


            Early in the years which span my career, my hobby, and my love, I started to climb a bold, shear cliff, the first and “best” of my life.  The lust was intense and my labor was furious for I had so little light left to climb.  I never looked off – my eyes fixed upon the face of the crag to which I had become a part of. 

            As the atmosphere dwindled and the ice grew thick, my mind began to cloud.  I had to hurry to find a nook in which to recoup my wits.  I settled back, I drew in a breath, and I gazed out over the view.  The panorama grabbed my mind, nearly retching it from its gourd.  Emptied of thought and filled with splendor, my consciousness was washed away.

For hours, it seemed, I crouched and gazed with my chin upon my toes, and when my mind was overflowing with more stimuli than there was room for, my consciousness crept back – slowly, at first – and then – suddenly – I realized there were other peaks!  Some - taller and loftier.  Some - steeper and hardier.  Some - more brilliantly covered with snowy drifts.

There were valleys too and rivers and canyons and clouds and all manner of sundry other creations with which one adventurous creature such as I could excite himself!  So overjoyed, was I, at the consideration of these new-found experiences that the once-infatuating peak beneath my feet was now a barrier – a hindrance – a deficit in the receivable accounts of my experiences, and I pondered what it was that ever enticed me to begin this journey up this particular rock so early in my years and so short into my career.  Wisdom is not given nor bought nor sold.  Wisdom is gained with every inch climbed up the face of this crag so cold.


September 9, 1988


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