Leaf in the Water


Today is yesterday.

Tomorrow is today.

ďLifeĒ without living

is the most boring way.

This morn I awakened.

This eve I will dream.

My awakening is wasted,

for it steals from my dream.

I ďliveĒ day to day.

I think not of tomorrow.

I canít stand the future,

for it fills me with sorrow.

ďLifeĒ is redundant.

Itís not worth a dime.

Itís simply too boring -

a BIG waste of time.

Iím too sane to end it.

Iím too bored to care.

Iím simply existing.

Iím going nowhere.

Like a leaf in the water,

I follow the flow.

Iíll ride this ďlifeĒ out

just to see where I go.


October 5, 1987


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